City of Jamestown Gallery
     Vintage Pictures of Jamestown and Russell County
Robertson Mill- Photo Submitted by Betty Meadows
Bank of Creelsboro - Summited by Betty Meadows
Upper Mill - Greasy Creek
Submitted by Betty Meadows
Original Russell County Courthouse - Submitted by Betty Meadows
Photo Submitted by Betty Meadows
Original Patterson Hotel
Submitted by Betty Meadows
Wolf Creek Dam Groudbreaking Sept. 1 , 1941. Speaker was Tennessee Sen. Albert Gore Sr.
Tanners On Jamestown Square
Platform to start Wolf Creek Dam 1941
Rowena Steamboat
Rowena Ferry 1950
Original Courthouse on the Square in Jamestown. In the early 1920's
Construction of the Wolf Creek Dam in 1949
Construction on Wolf Creek Dam
Old Reese Woolen Mill In Jamestown
Left to right: Patterson Hotel and John Damron Store in the late 1920's
A big day in Jamestown, visit from National Personage. In front of Patterson Hotel taken in the early 1920's
Richard Blair and Harold Helm pump gas at a station in Jamestown in 1920. The station was later purchased by Russell Reese and Bill Bertram and called Jamestown Service Garage
Photo of Jamestown Dock in the summer of 1966
Rowena Steamboat docked at Burnside
The Goat Man made a visit to Russell County in the 1950's
Silver Lake No.2 gunboat came as far north as Creelsboro during the Civil War
Old Rowena
Jamestown First Methodist Church
1950's Photo was taken when Hwy.35 was transformed in Kentucky to Hwy. 127
Constructing new sidewalks, curbs, and gutters on Main Street in Jamestown in 1950
Jamestown's first fire truck in 1949, or 1950. Most of the funds to purchase the truck were provided by donations to the fire department.
Orville H. Holt stands in front of the Texaco station he owned in the mid 1910's
Kendall Ferry crossing the Cumberland River in the 1940's below where Wolf Creek Dam is located now.
A view of the Cumberland River from the West bank at the construction site of Wolf Creek Dam in 1949
Wolf Creek Dam under construction in 1947
May 20, 1943 Building of Wolf Creek Dam
Ground breaking day for the Wolf Creek Dam. The workers are making burgoo for the people who attended.
Wolf Creek Dam construction in 1947 or 1948. Giant 350 ft. high cableway.
Wolf Creek Dam construction site in the 1940's.
Wolf Creek Dam construction site in the 1940's.